What You Should & Should Not Take to the Dry Cleaners

Not every fabric or item is meant to be placed inside of a washing machine or a dryer and doing so could damage the item or ruin it altogether. Do you know what items should not be put in the laundry frankfort il machines but instead taken to the cleaners? Take a look at some of the items that should and should not be taken to the cleaners and stick with this information to protect your fabrics.

Embellished Items

Embellished items contain metal studs, beads, and sequins that are many times hand-stitched to the threats. If these items go into the machine, they’re likely to fall off. The heat of the dryer can also melt some of these items if you aren’t careful.


Dark colored silks should always make their way to the cleaners when it is time to wash them. Darker silks will bleed and stain surfaces easier than light colored silks but all fare better when they’re taken to the cleaners.


Your suit needs to be cleaned at the dry cleaners. Never place a nice suit inside of a machine and ruin its amazing threads. Your suit will stay fresh and crisp when you take it to the cleaners to clean!

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials are fragile and they are hard to wash. Tossing them into a washing machine could be a big mistake. It is best to leave the cleaning of anything synthetic to the hands of the pros.


A lot of people think that you should take cashmere to the dry cleaners when it is time to clean them but the truth is, they can usually be cleaned at home. You do need to make sure that you are careful when washing cashmere items, however, it is not impossible to DIY.

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Linen and Cotton

Don’t make any special effort to take cotton and linen items to the dry cleaners. These items are pretty simple to wash at home yourself without spending the money on professional service.

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