How to Remove Pests

While the first thing that may come to mind to weary parents when you think about pests in the home is their children, that’s not the type of pest that you need to deal with as a homeowner. Having bugs scurrying about your house or garden can make it hard to enjoy your home and actually can be downright dangerous. But there are some easy ways to get rid of them.

First, figure out the type of pest you are plagued with. Using organic tick control requires different steps than getting rid of household ants, and doing the wrong thing can be a waste of time and money on your end. Plus, it can make the problem worse!

Once you’ve figured out the pest, then you can start doing some preventive measures such as getting rid of all sources of standing water. Standing water, such as a bowl of water for your pet or a puddle that forms under a leaky faucet, can become a local watering hole for bugs and other pests. Keeping food crumbs wiped up and storing food in sealed containers is a great way to starve the pests.

organic tick control

Be sure to clean dishes, regularly take out the trash, and store items in places where the pests won’t be able to get to them. The fridge is a good example of this.  Also, be sure to keep your house clean and remove all the places pests can hide.

If cleaning the house and removing the sources of food, water, and shelter doesn’t work, then you’ll need to use homemade or industrial pesticides. Be sure to tailor the pesticide to the creature you are trying to get rid of and ensure that it won’t be harmful to any children or pets.