Medium Who Communicates With Animals

It need not be argued that should you turn to a naturally born or gifted medium or clairvoyant, then you need not check the lady’s credentials. Because like a true spiritualist, she is relying on nothing else but gifts of faith. And yet, dedicated mediums in general, do take their gifts seriously. They are mature enough to realize that from a young age they still require personal development and training.

When you chat or consult with a medium, it is said that the results are never guaranteed. The arguments go that these are to do with matters of faith once more. You could be lacking, disbelieving the medium’s abilities to intervene positively on your behalf. Or the medium is disabled in terms of not have the correct tools of communication in terms of assessing your spiritual being and conversing with the powers that be.

And it is said that animals are a lot more perceptive than human beings. The stereotypical example of cats being able to see ghosts comes to mind. Now whether this is true or not, surely if it is so then it can be recognized as a gift of nature. The evidential medium mindset is that nature and the spiritual realm are but one. The two cannot be separated entirely, not at this level of understanding perhaps. And yet of course, it can, and it is. People who practice their religious faiths in the conventional manner tend to understand that there is only one higher being above them.

evidential medium

And yet, all along the way, the path of life, interventions are being sought, even if it means asking someone close by to ‘say a prayer for you’. And did you know that there are animals that can heal people of all kinds of physical and emotional ailments?